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Eibach -Sportline- lowering springs front/rear 40/35MM
20200310222 20 20 0 310 222

3 799,00 SEK inkl. moms
(3 039,20 SEK exkl. moms)
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Produktnummer: E20200310222

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F31 F31 LCI F34GT F34 GT LCI


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Vägledande monteringstid: 4,5-5,5Tim

Vikt: 10,00 KG

Storlek (LxHxB): 64x38x17 cm

Antal per bil: 1 set

For models without leveling control.

Eibach german quality!

Please note: We can supply you with the whole range of Eibach products, please see www.eibach.de, if you find something interesting we would be glad to give you a non-committal offer!

Please note: the mm. specification is measured from the standard hight of the BMW, if its equiped with for example a M-Tech. or BMW sport suspension which is about 15MM lower, you have to deduct the the mm in the specification we make for example = 40/40MM will then be 25/25MM! if you need help to find out whether your BMW is equiped with a BMW sport suspension or not, please don´t hesitate to contact your us, please have the last 7 figures of the chassinumber ready so we can check up on your BMW!

Let one of our BMW specialized workshops do the mounting, we got the know-how and low prices!

Everything for BMW / MINI
Please note! We ”only” got about 27.000 new and used products in our online catalogue out of approximately 500.000 BMW & MINI products available, so please contact us if you don´t find what you need!
And please have in mind that we got the lowest prices and the largest range of BMW / MINI products! Please also note – if you got the original BMW part number (11 digits, or optionally the last 7 digits) you can plot it directly into the search field or the shopping basket, and you will be able to see the price and order it if you like, even though the part isn´t in the online catalogue.
Contact us! used parts Nordborg@schmiedmann.com, new parts odense@schmiedmann.com

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