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Payment fees

Why is there a payment fee?
The payment service providers charge (eg. VISA / MasterCard, PayPal) different transaction fees for using their services. The fees on some payment services are very small and for these (eg. Dankort, Visa/Dankort and eDankort) Schmiedmann pays the fee for you. However, for other types of payments the fees can be quite high, and therefore Schmiedmann cannot in these cases cover the expenses by paying the fees for you. In these cases the transaction fee is added to the order the exact same amount that the payment service provider charges in connection with the transaction.
In the table below you can see the different fees (these are per transaction fees):

Card Fee Notice
Dankort, Visa/Dankort and eDankort 1,45 DKK + 0,1% Schmiedmann pays this fee for you so there are no fees for you when you use any of these Danish cards on Schmiedmann.com.
MasterCard, Maestro, Eurocard, Visa, Visa Electron 2,25% minimum 1,95 DKK
*PayPal Paypal (3,4%) + 2,60 DKK

*If your have an American Express card you can use it through PayPal


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